Friday, March 14, 2008

Be Kind, Rewind

Be Kind, Rewind is a story of three unlikely friends in an unlikely situation.  The movie is a very unusual comedy about one man's dedication to his video store.

Jack Black and Mos Def star as the unlikely friends Jerry and Mike.  Jerry is a humorous troublemaker while Mike stays tied to the control and simplicity of the video store.  Once they begin making videos, Alma joins the crew.  She is played by newcomer Melonie Diaz, known only to me from A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.  The three mesh well together in a comedic form very unusual to such a diverse trio.  They all come from such different backgrounds, personally and professionally, so it is a surprise that their witty conversation and jesting screen presence blend well.

The flick even included old favorites such as Danny Glover and Sigourney Weaver.  She ironically starred in Ghostbusters, the first film Jerry and Mike remake. Perhaps the most surprising part was Miss Falewicz, played by Mia Farrow.  She is an unlikely but pleasant addition to the diverse cast.  Everytime I think of this timeless actress, I picture the elegant sleekness of The Great Gatsby.  It is very broadening to see her play such an original character.

Probably an unnoticed dynamic of the film is the racial diversity.  Not only is it evident in the choice of well-known actors, but in the story as well.  The town is very diverse, but interestingly, the three main characters represent the three largest racial groups of our nation.  The town comes together at the end to produce a masterpiece and if you look closely, the lines of racial tension fade away.  The film is more than just a humorous take on extenuating circumstances.  The movie is about togetherness and accomplishment.  The short films that Jerry and Mike produce begin to include the entire town.  No one has to solve a huge problem alone because people are always there when you need them.  Even if your problem is remaking movies on erased tapes.


Madison Conger said...

This movie looks hilarious. Jack Black is great. I didn't know this movie was out yet though; I'll have to go see it.

O22IE said...

I had been thinking of seeing this movie and probably will now.