Friday, April 18, 2008

The Office Continues

One of my friends has to write a paper on a pop culture staple, and she mentioned doing her paper on The Office.  That got me seriously thinking about the show and its impact on our television and everyday life.  Some peoples Thursday's revolve around the latest episode of The Office.

The show was born from the British version of a show I believe of the same name.  BBC has produced some of the best humorous television, which the Brits know best.  It's amazing how quick the show rose in popularity.  No one on the show was really well known when the show first aired, the only actor I had heard of was Steve Carell.  Now, however, the stars have branched out into movies and elsewhere.  John Krasinski is perhaps the most famous from the show.  However, Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer are quickly gaining fame.

On the latest episode, it was mentioned that an engagement is coming up.  The relationship of Jim and Pam has been a cliffhanger since the premier episode of the show.  Every viewer knows they belong together, and it has been a constant roller coaster.  The episode that it came out that they were dating was an amazing step for the show, and now to know that a ring has come into the picture is brilliant.  The writers can drag it on for as long as they want. 

I think this show is here to least for a while.  The show has become such a television icon and so quickly.  Everything about is funny, and it is something that can easily stay funny.  The characters are great and the actors are so talented.  The best part though is the writing.  Nothing gets better than the ridiculous situations and witty lines that the writers come up with.  

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