Sunday, April 6, 2008


I feel like Penelope is a modern day fairytale.  It would work so well in a storybook.  The "ugly duckling" story line makes the film appealing for the younger generations.  Maybe this type of story has been told a million times before, but the fresh takes are usually a smart move.  The girl with the pig nose is definitely a new kind of hero.  Penelope works on so many levels and for so many ages. 

I guess her parents did what they thought was best.  I mean, their child did have a pig nose.  However, hiding her away was not the best for Penelope.  All she had to live with was her nose.  Penelope had to leave her family to find her life.  It is interesting that the news assumed the world would take the news of a pig-nosed girl as a horror story wasn't accurate at all.  The world loved Penelope and her parents fears for their child were entirely untrue.

The morals make the film acceptable for all ages.  I am glad that she gets a normal nose in the end.  After what she went through, she totally deserved it.  It would have been a bummer if Penelope didn't lose her nose and stayed with the guy.  It would be very similar to Shrek in that Fiona won her man but had to stay an ogre.  I guess there wouldn't have been any sequels then, but that could have been a good thing.  

The humor works for the older audience.  There are moments of suggestive material that probably wouldn't have been in the storybook.  It was interesting to go see the film with a guy.  He couldn't say he liked it, but he also couldn't say he didn't.  The basic facts of the story are attractive. It obviously had some appeal to a college age male.  However, it could have been Reese Witherspoon.


New"n"Nashville said...

Your description of the movie Penelope made me want to go see it! Good description, and funny.

The Taylor Exclusive said...

I haven't seen Penelope yet but I knew it had to be a good message with Reese Witherspoon producing. She is a very positive actress and role model . Your reviews are great, very honest and well written.