Friday, February 22, 2008

Flight of the Conchords

I follow and purchase movies much more often than I do television shows.  I always thought buying seasons of popular television shows was unusual because most shows stay on television in reruns for a long time.  I prefer to watch them online now, so I didn't have a need to buy them for myself.  Also, they are very unaffordable.  However, I have grown attached to a few shows.  I find myself wanting to watch them all the time.

These shows are all comedies.  I find it hard to watch several episodes of an hour-long drama series.  It is much easier to stay interested in shorter episodes of a more comic nature.  Right now, at the top of my list is The Office and Flight of the Conchords.  Most are familiar with The Office, for it is award winning and stars Steve Carrell.  The show is lucky to have such a talented and popular cast to drive the humor and wit each episode has to offer.  This show has a strong following and I indulged in purchasing all three seasons.  I am now very popular on my hall with all my friends.

However, the other show is in one way even better than The Office.  Flight of the Conchords is overlooked because it only airs on HBO.  Unfortunately, many people don't get the channel and miss out on the great shows HBO has to offer.  Most shows are serious in nature about controversial and often overlooked topics.  They also tend to support smaller productions in hopes of promoting shows of a more "indie feel".  Flight of the Conchords is the channel's first move towards a comedic half-hour show. 

The show follows two New Zealand musicians in New York in their hopes of becoming a popular band, called Flight of the Conchords.  The show is obviously small budget, with a max of five reoccuring characters and only one or two solid sets.  Bret and Jermaine, who actually created the show and star in it, are so hilarious.  Each episode is filled with witty humor in awkward circumstances.  The best thing about the show is the music.  The two musicians sing their songs as a part of every episode.  They randomly break into song and sometimes dance, reflecting their current situation.  The songs are of every genre and every subject and provide the most laughs in each episode.

The minor characters are just as funny as Bret and Jermaine.  Their band manager Murray works at the New Zealand consulate while simultaniously managing their band.  They only have one fan, an obsessive love-struck Mel, that follows them around everywhere.  

I bought the first season of this show for a reasonable price.  One, it is my favorite show on television at the moment, and two, I want to spread it around.  I hope this show can become more popular and gather a larger following so it can gain the recognition it deserves.

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