Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mississippi Film

Most people turn to Los Angeles or New York for the best in film.  Mississippians are trying to change that.  Over the last decade, the state of Mississippi has taken large strides in putting itself on the map in the film industry.

Many films have been already filmed in Mississippi, chosen for its earthy and natural landscapes, antiquated towns, and hospitality.  A Time to Kill, My Dog Skip, and O Brother Where Art Thou? were filmed entirely in the state.  Even Walk the Line was partially filmed in the Magnolia state.  These films have opened the door for Mississippi as a premier filming location.

The state has taken several measures to increase interest in film.  The state now has an Office of Film and Culture that handles all projects and promotion of film for the state.  The state has plans for a full scale production studio that competes with Hollywood in the city of Canton.  They hope the facilities will attract outside film makers to the luxuries of a large production facility.  The state has also started and incentive program that encourages filmmakers to the state financially.  

Mississippi has alot of supporters of the filmmaking industry running businesses in the state.  Many people are trained in work behind the scenes that are available to out of state filmmakers.  The state has a catalog for interested filmmakers of local people available to do any kind of work that may be needed on a set.  Some are individuals and several are companies.  One company that has put itself on the map state wide for its expanding film business is Eyevox.  Eyevox is a small production company that offers its services locally and for outside projects moving in.  They have producers, editors, set builders, animators, and camera men all on staff.  They have done it all:  from small company commercials to working with DreamWorks and HBO.

The state also supports its local filmmakers, however.  Locations statewide hold annual film festivals to showcase and promote local work.  The largest is probably the Crossroads Film Festival held in Jackson, the capital of the state.

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