Friday, February 1, 2008

Movies for You

I found it very difficult since college started to keep up with the latest movie releases without spending money at the theater.  I have always kept a Netflix or Blockbuster account with my mom to continuously get new releases and classics.  
My grandfather passed away this week and it has had me pondering about how times have changed.  Everything is so much more expensive, even the movie theatre popcorn, but at the same time, it is so much more convenient.  Think about it.  The film industry has greatly evolved.  No more black and white reel films for everything is digital and exceptional color.  That is just the theater.  It almost pays even more to watch in the comfort of your own home.  With flat screen, LCD, HD, and I'm sure many other acronyms with a D, there is no need to go to the big screen for a theater-like movie experience.  Now we have even have surround sound, and my grandfather was lucky to get sound.  
The point I wanted to address was the evolution of movie renting.  With all this technology in film, the movie rental industry has caught on fast.  We as consumers expect the easiest and the best in every industry now.  The days of driving to the closest rental store are over.  Blockbuster offers online rentals and Netflix was created as competition.  It is so easy and even cheaper to rent movies this way.  I have not found anything wrong with the system so far.  Choose how many movies you keep at a time by the price.  Choose you films online.  The company does the rest.  I thought movie renting had met a new level.
Then, it got even better.  Film is now all online.  Networks put all of their shows easily accessible on their websites.  I don't have to worry about missing my favorite shows because I can always watch it online.  Of course, this convenience has led to the screenwriters' strike, which has led to no more new episodes.  It is still such a novel idea on the network's part.  I have even heard that Netflix and Blockbuster online offer online downloads and mailed movies so you can watch your rentals immediately on your computer or wait for them to send them to you.  Movies are the easiest thing to obtain now.  It would blow my grandfather away.
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