Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lost Popularity

Nothing has lost popularity, but quite the opposite.  It is amazing to me that ABC's "Lost" as maintained its fan base and now become one of the most popular show on television.  The network did an excellent job of putting off season four.  I am surprised that the fan base reaction wasn't anger for making them wait so long, but the delay seemed only to widen the fan base.  Everyone on my hall that has never seen the show is catching up starting with season one.  With thanks to ABC Online, every season of "Lost" is available in HD online for any viewer.  All of a sudden, everyone feels the need to see from the start the confusing tale of Oceanic Flight 815.  Lost parties happen every week, and everyone wants to know what will happen to the stranded passengers.

I watched the show religiously for the first season, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It mainly covered each passenger on the island in their life before the crash.  As I started the second season, however, the show included every twist, every conflict, every surprise possible.  I grew more confused with every episode.  New mysteries were introduced without the old ones being solved.  The most unusual discoveries were made on the show, none of which made any sense to me.  I couldn't stand watching the show anymore.  My roommate, the most devoted Lost fan I know, states that the confusion only continues.  However, more people flock to their televisions to see what twist in the plot lies ahead.

It is curious also that with the popularity of the show, the actors and actresses haven't made a stronger name for themselves.  It seems that they are all very talented, but only one has made several movies and become very popular.  Maggie Grace, or Shannon, has only recently debuted in The Jane Austen Book Club, and Naveen Andrews, who plays Sayid, was in Bride and Prejudice that was quickly overlooked.  With some research I even discovered new characters from the recent seasons.  Elizabeth Mitchell, as Juliet, has perhaps the most films under her belt, but still she stays mainly under the radar as a Hollywood star.  The actor gaining the most fame from his beginnings in "Lost" is obviously Matthew Fox, who plays the main character Dr. Jack Shephard.  He has been on more magazine covers with Evangeline Lilly for the show than any other characters.  Yes, he and Lilly are perhaps the main characters, but the series is an epic following the lives of many characters and the show seems to stay attached to all of them.  Fox is the only one to gain notoriety off the island as well as on it.  Fox had a humble start on "Party of Five," a long running television series that no one seems to remember.  Since his popularity on Lost, Fox quickly gained several film roles, boosting his career.  

We Are Marshall was his first major picture to hit the screens.  I was pleasantly surprised at his portrayal of the grieving assistant coach.  He did a fantastic job, although his role as Jack has definitely trained him on acting in a tragic situation. He also has a movie releasing on Febuary 22, Vantage Point, also starring Dennis Quaid.  We shall see if he can branch out of the struggling, complicated soul sort of character.  Hopefully, the other stars of "Lost" will not go over looked.  I personally would like to see Jorge Garcia, more commonly known as Hurley, on the big screen with a hit comedy.

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