Friday, February 8, 2008

Women in Power

It all started with Sex & the City.  Women were cast in the spotlight as working women who want it all:  the money, the man, the job, the respect.    This show let women know that they should go for what they want.  As popular as it was, networks caught on to the female needs.  Women want to see other women get the power they deserve.  And so began a string of shows, starring "women of power."  These women have it all:  the dream life.  However, the real issue is the struggles that women face in a man-driven world.  While these women have it all, they fight to keep a smiling face.  Now I know women love to see other living the dream, but it seems almost a turn off after seeing what these women go through.  I don't know if it's worth it.

The Recent Lineup

Two new shows started this winter focusing on women in the workplace.  The first is Cashmere Mafia, produced by Darren Star who also produces Sex and the City.  The plot follows four successful New York businesswomen in all walks of life.  Two are moms, two are looking for love, and all are fighting for power in the business world.  The women are taking over the New York scene.  I can't decide if these shows are empowering women or making them feel less like women.  No doubt that the shows are catered to a female audience, men don't usually prefer Prada and Gucci.  However, these shows cast hot, rising stars to portray their "women of power," so maybe men are attracted to the show.  

NBC cloned ABC's Cashmere Mafia with a small twist, which is making it only three women.  It is interesting that all networks can adopt this common and popular idea and make it work.  NBC's Lipstick Jungle even has Brooke Shields, who came out of mommyhood to show the world what women can be.  These women are all unexcepted by the men in the executive positions because they "don't belong."  One episode in Cashmere Mafia even went as far to break of one characters engagements over a publishing job.  When the woman got it, the man ran away.

These shows may be changing the way women view the workplace.  I think it may be empowering to most.  It's encouraging to see other women get the job done.  I am not sure that this is the best message to broadcast on every channel.  Because just maybe, women aren't always cut out for the job.

What do others think about the new "women in power?"

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